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Philadelphia Canoe Club

Links to Historical Documents that are not otherwise publicly available on the Internet. 

1684 Survey & Deed Wm Penn to Robt Turner: 1684 Deed Robert Turner 500 Acres.pdf (philacanoe.org)

1686 Lease to Townsend and Tittery:  Fifty and one half Acres Mapped.pdf (philacanoe.org)

1690 Nov 8 Lease Addendum Turner, Tittery et al. half share of lease to Robeson & Sanders: 1690 Nov 8 J Tittery and R Townsend to A Robeson Word to Pdf.pdf (philacanoe.org)

1691 Apr 4 Lease Addendum Tittery & Townsend lease to John Tyzache retroactive (prior to Robeson & Sanders): 1691 Apr 4 Tittery and Townsend Lease to Tyzache.pdf (philacanoe.org)

11 Jul 1691 Indenture from R. Turner, Tittery et al. land & lease to A. Robeson and C Sanders: 11 July 1691 Deed.pdf (philacanoe.org)

1702 Sep 15 A Robeson to J Vanlaer half 200 acres and half 8 acres: Under Consturction

1702 Dec 3 Writ of Partition full "Pleas": Writ of Partition 1702.jpg (6391×15200) (philacanoe.org)

1702 Dec 3 Writ of Partition Transcription: 1702 Dec 3 John Van Laer petition v Wm Sanders TRANSCRIPTION Portrait Version.pdf (philacanoe.org) 

1703 Oct 5 John Vanlaer and Sarah Sanders to Andrew Robeson Jr.: 1703 J. Vanlaer and S. Sanders to A. Robeson Jr.pdf (philacanoe.org)

1752 R. Robeson to H. Schellenberg Deed "Rolling Mill":1752 Aug 22 Rudman Robeson to Henry Shellenberg 96 acres TIGHT.pdf (philacanoe.org)

1790 Mar 6 Vanderen Mills Deed to Jon. & Peter Robeson: 1790 Mar 6 James Ash Esq Sheriiff Vanderen estate Deed to Peter and Jonathon Robeson.pdf (philacanoe.org)

1802 Jul 6 Sheriff Sale to Peter Robeson: 1802 Sheriff Deed to P Robeson.pdf (philacanoe.org)

1816 Capt. Watson Paintings of Mill and Wheel: 1816 Captain Watsons with Wheel Circled.pdf (philacanoe.org)

1820 Census and Robeson Rolling Mill: John Moore Renting the Rolling and Slitting Mill and Nail Factory 1820 Census.pdf (philacanoe.org)

1848 Logwood Mill Note: Microsoft Word - Robeson Rolling Mill - Philadelphia Canoe Club.docx (philacanoe.org)

1902 Article & History Recap: 1902 Dec 8 Philadelphia Inquirer Article ONE Page.pdf (philacanoe.org)

2008 Fairmount Park Commission Recap with updates: History PCC Clubhouse R Armstrong.pdf (philacanoe.org)

History Recap with all Links: History Recap with all Links Updated June 13 2024.pdf (philacanoe.org) 

Fairmount Park Commission recap of the History of the Robeson Rolling Mill: History PCC Clubhouse R Armstrong.pdf (philacanoe.org) 

Full History: Robeson Rolling Mill (philacanoe.org)

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