Philadelphia Canoe Club

Becoming a Member

You do not need to be a member to participate in PCC's activities!

Getting Acquainted

First, we ask people to get to know the Club, its activities and its members before submitting an application for membership.  Paddling with us is the most important factor when we consider approval of membership applications.  There are other activities we encourage applicants to pursue while on the path to membership.  They are:

  • Meetings 
    Attend our regular monthly meetings.  This is a good way to meet people, hear about what's going on and socialize.  Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month (except January), 7:30 PM, in our Clubhouse, located at 4900 Ridge Avenue, in Philadelphia, behind the SEPTA Transfer Station at the Wissahickon Creek
  • Training Courses and Paddling Trips 
    Schedules of our training courses and trips, involving canoes and kayaks on flatwater and whitewater, appear on this web site. On-the-water training takes place in the spring and summer.  From November through March, we have indoor pool sessions for learning to roll a kayak. Your participation in events will depend on your skill level. Questions should be directed to the Event Coordinator in advance.
  • Work Days 
    PCC is responsible for the maintenance of our Clubhouse and Grounds.  Work days are scheduled in advance for cleaning, repairs, yard work, etc.  Participation by prospective members is recognized and appreciated.
  • Social Events and Non-Paddling Trips 
    Social events are held year-round.  Notice of these events is posted on our website and in our newsletter along with any camping, hiking and/or skiing trips organized by our Members.  These events are open to non-members. 

The Membership Process

Through your participation in a variety of PCC activities, you will get to know us and we will get to know you.  Becoming a Member involves the following process. 

1. Complete the PCC application form.

           a.  Ask three Members to sign your application form.  One Member will be your Proposer and two Members will be your Endorsers. 

           b.  The application form asks you to list all activities in which you have participated.  The more activities in which you participate, the easier it will be to approve your application.

2.  Give your completed application to our Membership Chair along with an Application Fee of $ 25.  Pay the Fee Online

3.  Your application will then be reviewed by the Board of Directors.  If approved by them, you will be introduced to the Membership at the next General Meeting. 

4.  After three to six months, you will be asked to complete a summary of activities you have done with the club during your candidacy time. Your application will then go before the Board of Directors again and your proposer or endorser will present your application for approval.

5.   If it is again approved, you will be presented to the Membership at the next General Meeting.  At this meeting, the attending Members will be asked to vote you into Membership. 

6.  If you are voted into Membership, you will be required to pay your prorated dues.  If all steps are completed, you will receive a key to the Clubhouse and a Membership Directory.

Memership Expectations:

Dues:  $140.00 per year (pro-rated based on date of election). 

Membership dues do not fully defray the costs of running the Club or maintaining the Building and Grounds.  Becoming and remaining a Member requires an active contribution to PCC.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Paddling:  This is our first priority.
  • Training:  Improve your skills.  Consider becoming a Certified Instructor.
  • Social Functions:  Participate.
  • Paddling Trips:  Participate in and/or organize trips (depending on your skill level).
  • Contribute:  Work days, special projects, Open House, Newsletter, Pool Sessions, Committees.
  • Board of Directors.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Boat Berth Rental:  Subject to availability.    $ 40. / year
  • Locker Rental:  Subject to availability.           $ 25. / year
  • Reduced Training, Trip and Event Fees.
  • Canews:  Members can opt to receive the newsletter electronically.  If you choose this option, your dues will be reduced by $10.00 annually.
  • Clubhouse Rental:  Available to Members Only.   $ 150. fee plus $ 100. refundable security deposit.
  • Additional Benefit:  As a Member of PCC, you are supporting a non-profit organization that keeps paddling going strong, helps protect the environment and gets people outdoors and active.

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