Philadelphia Canoe Club

Lessons at PCC

 Philadelphia Canoe Club offers training in many forms of paddling: Recreational canoeing and kayaking, Flat and moving water, Whitewater kayaking and canoeing, rolling, strokes for novice and intermediate paddlers, the PCC has ACA certified instruction available in all of these areas year round. Click on Lessons and check out our class schedules for the training that fits what you want to learn, and get out on the water!  Come paddle with us. 

Click here for info about Pool Sessions


Flat water is is water with little current, and few waves. Commonly found on larger rivers, ponds, and lakes. Generally uses longer boats that turn more slowly, but efficiently move through the water in a straight line. Requires training to learn good paddle strokes, effectively turn the boat, and planning for long trips or open waters.  


This is faster moving water with obstacles, rocks, and dynamic features commonly found on rivers, creeks and streams. Generally uses shorter boats that turn easily, and don't track well in a straight line. Requires training to help to learn to read water, and avoid potential hazards.  


This course is designed for the beginner. You will learn balance, strokes and safety on flatwater.

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