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Whitewater Canoe Classes

Whitewater is faster moving water with obstacles, rocks, and dynamic features commonly found on rivers, creeks and streams. Generally uses shorter boats that turn easily, and don't track well in a straight line. Requires training to help to learn to read water, and avoid potential hazards.  

Click on each link below to learn more about the types of whitewater classes we offer:

WHITEWATER CANOE (Solo or Tandem) - NOVICE TRAINING (4 on-the-water days plus 1 classroom night)

May 30 (Thursday Evening Classroom session and equipment fitting)

June 1 & 2 (Philadelphia/Schuylkill River)

June 8 & 9 (Lehigh River Camping Trip)

This course is held over a period of two weekends, which includes an evening classroom session and four full days of instruction. You will be introduced to proper fit and use of equipment, strokes, maneuvers, assisted and self rescue, river reading and safety while building skills to paddle class two whitewater. The first two-day weekend is held in Philadelphia on the Schuylkill River followed by a two-day paddling and camping weekend to the Lehigh River in the Poconos. All equipment and campsite is included. You are responsible for your personal gear (clothing, tent, sleeping bag, etc.).

No experience necessary

Cost: $225 Adults, $112 Minors.  (Part 1 only: May 30, June 1 & 2, Cost $150 Adults, $75 Minors)

2019 Whitewater Canoe - Novice Training 


July 27, 2019

This class will introduce you to whitewater canoes and equipment. You will learn the basic skills needed to control a canoe in whitewater such as strokes, maneuvers, river features, water reading and safety. The morning session will begin on flat water and progress to class 1- 2 section of whitewater on the Schuylkill River in the afternoon.

No experience necessary. 

Cost: $80 Adults, $40 Minors.

For more information contact Looie Vorhees at

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